‘Since working with Tom back in 2015 my whole look and knowledge of nutrition and training has changed for the better. I learned the ability to be flexible with my food choices and learned how I can effectively change my training to suit my current goals. Tom not only changed my physique for the better he also taught me along the way, Tom would give you the whole package in regards to coaching and teaching at the same time’ 

Jack , 3rd Place NPA British Finals 2015

‘I started training with Tom in May and in that time my training and fitness has improved dramatically. My knowledge of diet and fitness has also increased. He knows what he is talking about, and he explains it in a way that I understand. I am so happy with my results (lost 35 lbs) and I am looking forward continuing to work with him. Amazing service’


‘Tom has the qualities and a skill set in his profession that make for not just a good coach but and outstanding one. We need only acknowledge his  achievements to date to gain a clear understanding of just how talented and knowledgeable this guy really is. Tom understands that what he teaches and how he teaches it, the impact left on each individual goes far beyond the initial 12 week program.Tom takes the time to get to know each individual differences and styles, then tailors his coaching to achieve maximum effectiveness. Flexible, great communicator, passionate about what he does. I found his passion to be infectious, motivational and inspiring, extremely honest and trustworthy, I will certainly be returning.’


‘I followed toms progress from first seeing him at his first show back in 2014, seeing Tom & his condition inspired me to follow the same path! Two years later with Tom as my coach I won the 2016 junior Yorkshire title. Tom has incredible knowledge, shown through his clients achieving incredible results. If you’re looking for results toms your man!’ 

Joe, 1st Place NPA Un21 Yorkshire

‘ Whilst working with Tom,  I managed to lose just over a stone in 11 weeks!. After achieving my fat loss goal, I signed up once more and soon began adding lean muscle mass! (pictured), improving all of my gym lifts. Highly recommended to anyone looking to better themselves’


‘Eight inches lost on my waist in 12 weeks , this guy knows what he is going and gets you the results you only dreamed about, not only that, but he teaches you to keep the weight off. I would truly recommend to anybody wanting to change, this is a complete life change for me’


‘Since being prepared by Tom, I have competed 3 times, taking 4th and 3rd place at NPA qualifiers which led me to invite to British Finals, where I finished in 3rd place. I strongly encourage anyone to sign up with Tom and recommend him in a heartbeat! He’s been a great coach, helping me across 32 weeks of prep and then with my reverse diet afterwards. Whether you are looking to compete or simply change your physique for yourself he is the guy!’

Natalia, NPA Figure 3 Place British Finals 2016

I signed up with the purpose of wanting to be held accountable for my actions which is something I was struggling with at the time. I got more than I ever could have bargained for. Never late to check-in, thoroughly explained made changes, changed training when needed, always there for support / queries and kept me inspired throughout. I Would use again in a heartbeat’. 


‘I signed up with tom because I was looking to compete in bodybuilding. There was no one better than a world natural bodybuilding champion to get me in the best shape. For my 12 months with Tom, I learnt so much in how to diet, weight train and also pose for the stage. Without tom I would never of got up on stage. In my first year of competing I won my first bodybuilding comp and pro card, came second in the ukbff northwest qualifiers and came 4th in the British championships. This was down to Toms training, diet and knowledge of bodybuilding, I would highly recommend’ 

Adam, 1st Place Pure Elite, 2nd Place UKBFF Qualifier, 3rd Place UKBFF British Finals

‘Being a client of Tom’s is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my time training. He’s completely changed my thought process when it comes down to food and training and understanding how to program both for maximal results. I wouldn’t hesitate to sign with Body By Mac and I genuinely couldn’t recommend him enough! Thank you Tom!’



‘Before I came to Tom my diet was extremely strict and boring. I’m a determined person but there’s only so much someone can take of chicken / fish / rice / potatoes every single day. Brilliant coach can’t fault him one bit, taught me everything I needed to know within minutes and helped me week by week to eat whatever foods I fancied whilst staying lean. Dieting now couldn’t be simpler meeting macros is easy. My food has more than doubled with minimum weight gain!’ 


 ‘As soon as I started I knew I’d made the right decision, Tom has a wealth of knowledge and was always on hand to help me 24/7 , unlike other coaches he actually took the time to talk to me daily and make sure I was on the right path . Within a day he set out all of my training and nutrition online very professionally with easy access to plans and information. My whole shape improved drastically and it was clear I had chosen the right coach . I had worked with a few online coaches in the past , but none have came close to Tom. Vast knowledge and clearly walks the same path as his clients, practicing what he preaches!’


‘I knew contest prep is a whole new ball game so I wanted to do it right, 100% or nothing. After hearing about Tom, seeing his credentials, seeing what he has achieved, it spoke volumes so I got in contact. After our initial meeting we discussed dieting and training. Tom introduced to me flexible dieting I’d heard of the term but was really unaware of what it involved and I’ve got to say..it really works! I’ve been doing it several weeks now and have had a massive transformation in myself, leading to a 2nd place finish at my first body building show. Tom was brilliant,  supporting and took the time to explain any questions I had regarding the process. I recommend body by mac to anyone’. 


David, 2nd Place Pure Elite

‘Body by Mac has completely changed the way I approach diet and training. Not only did I see great results in just 12 weeks, but I now have a respect for food where before I definitely didn’t. Always wanting to get ‘ripped’ and ‘big’, my training and diet were like stumbling in the dark but Body by Mac literally showed me the way. Tom takes a very professional approach to coaching and I cannot stress how important the weekly check ins were. Tom kept me on check whilst giving me a kick up the arse when needed, yet constantly there for support and guidance. I found Tom’s knowledge and previous experiences with diet particularly valuable.’


‘From thinking I had enough knowledge of training but never making progress I decided to get in touch with Tom and thought there would be no harm in giving Body By Mac a go. Since then I haven’t looked back! I’ve certainly made progress as well as increasing my confidence and knowledge, especially with flexible dieting and various training methods, I have full faith in Tom’.


‘I’m sure you will find the internet saturated with so-called online trainers and body transformation “specialists”. Most will not have the qualifications and personal achievements that Tom has. A very impressive CV within powerlifting and bodybuilding and also the academia to go with it. His advice is not only research based but flexible to your individual needs. Tom listens and adapts when needed in order for you to reach your goals, I couldn’t rate him highly enough!’


‘Top coach! Tom is always there when needed not only at weekly check ins, but via his unlimited support. Leaner, bigger, stronger. This man really does know his stuff, can’t recommend using him enough! 10/10’ 



‘I came across Tom after seeing some amazing results from work colleagues that were using his services. Working with Tom has opened my eyes up to the science behind nutrition and how the body works and uses food. He transformed my training and nutrition. I would highly recommend Tom’s services to anyone, he has got me into the shape of my life and has completely changed my lifestyle