Find Out What Happens When Your Work Ethic Meets My Science-Based Training Expertise 

Truly personalised online training and nutrition to transform your physique  – backed by the science of sport.

You know there’s a better route to a phenomenal physique than chicken, broccoli, and fasted cardio. You’re excited by the growing body of research pushing nutrition and training out of the dark ages. New terms like flexible dieting, diet breaks, and sustainable fat loss make you want to overhaul your diet and write yourself a training programme.

But that’s the problem. You know WHAT you want to achieve. You just don’t know HOW to get cut through the information overload to get started on your optimal plan. Overwhelm and programme-hopping are threatening your progress.

Let me help. My online 1-2-1 coaching is for beginner, intermediate, and advanced gym trainees who want a healthier way to get a better body.


Fat Loss And Muscle Gain Plus A Healthy State Of Mind

I’m Tom Macmillan – a competitive drug-free bodybuilder and powerlifter, Personal Trainer, and Sports Science graduate who loves working with likeminded strength athletes. Since graduating from University with a 2:1 in Exercise Science, I have coached hundreds of clients (online and 1-2-1) to better fitness, health, and body composition. My online services are specialised, focusing specifically on giving nutrition, strength training, and fat loss support to men and women who want to build muscle, gain strength, and lose body fat (not necessarily at the same time!) I’m a World Champion natural bodybuilder and a record-holding powerlifter. My expertise lies in getting people strong, muscular, and lean with no fads or unsustainable methods.


Why Should I Use An Online Coach?

Online coaching lets you tap into the expertise, education, and experience of your preferred coach regardless of your location. I can work with you wherever you live and wherever you might travel during our time together. With online coaching, you are not limited to the beliefs or training of your local gym coach or PT. You are free to use an expert coach who has the level of knowledge in diet, training, fat loss, muscle gain, and competition prep – as you need wherever you are in the world.


How Can A Coach Help Me Without Meeting Me?

My online coaching procedure is set up to make life easy for you. Our check-ins will be in depth and detailed, and you have additional unlimited support and access to my expertise. Whatever your needs or questions, I will be on hand to help you reach your goals.


I Need Accountability To Keep Me Focused

Me too! I specialise in keeping you motivated, accountable, and positive during your time with me. During our initial consultation, I will start to learn what drives you forward and keeps you motivated. You’ll find that I quickly learn exactly how to communicate with you. And I’ll be in your corner, excited for your success.


I Don’t Want To Compete, Can You Still Help Me?

Yes!. My online coaching services are not only for competitive bodybuilders or powerlifters. Anyone – male or female – who wants to build strength, add muscle mass, or drop body fat will benefit from this way of working. If you want to learn the optimal way to eat for your physique goals, find out the best way to train in the gym, or discover better ways to cardio, this online coaching is for you. No fake tan or singlet required!


What Exactly Do I Get?

> Nutrition coaching – Find The Balance You’ve Been Looking For

> Carefully designed to suit your routine and lifestyle

>  Advice about food choices, eating habits, and diet decisions

> Evidence based muscle gain and fat loss (no fads)

> Learn how to eat the foods you enjoy and keep your social life

> No cutting out entire food groups or ingredients

> Learn useful information that will last a lifetime


Training – Learn Exactly How To Train For Your Body

> Tailor made programme to suit your goal, gym, kit, facilities and lifestyle

> Takes into account injuries, imbalances, weaknesses

> All delivered to your mobile device / laptop / i-pad / tablet (no need to print anything out) or write anything down

> Log to track your weights, reps, and progress

> Monthly changes to keep the results coming

Support, Guidance, Accountability

> Access to my library of resources so you can learn and grow

> Progress tracker

> Unlimited email support and fast response time

> Weekly check in to discuss progress, questions, concerns

> Changes made to your programme as needed

>Weekly feedback from me to you


My Promise To You

> You will not restrict your favourite foods

> You won’t do hours of cardio

> Your social life and relationships won’t suffer

> No fad diets, fat burners, or latest gimmick

> Every minute you dedicate to your plan will deliver results!

Now pick your service: 

Silver Package (Online Nutrition & training coaching, unlimited watsapp message support, 4 weekly check ins, weekly video feedback & nutrition changes) 

Price: £100 p/m

Gold Package (All the benefits of silver coaching including four additional phone calls per month) 

Price: £150 p/m

Alright – over to you. If you want to work with an online coach who has recent, relevant educational qualifications, years of experience PLUS! in the trenches experience of bodybuilding and powerlifting, then get in touch.

Fill in the form and we can start closing in on your goal!