Physique competitions can be stressful, not just physically, but mentally.

With an abundance of conflicting information regarding the diet, training, supplementation and the all important peak week, support & guidance becomes vital.

 Let me help you. 

I have competed in five natural body building competitions winning four, placing second in one. 

With titles to my name, including UIBBN World Junior Champion, I have walked the walk and been in your shoes more than once.

Having prepared several other athletes, I’ve also been behind the scenes, carefully programming, monitoring progression, implementing changes and offering unlimited support. 

Wether you’re a male or female competitor, Body By Mac wants to coach you to the stage. 

> Nutritional coaching 

> Periodised and carefully planned training

> Weekly check in

> Unlimited support throughout 

> Posing advice & critique

> Access to a variety of helpful resources 

> Peak week manipulation 

> An additional week given post show to ensure a successful ‘off season’ 


£120 Per Month (12 Week Minimum Sign Up) 

Please contact Body By Mac so we can arrange a consultation.